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IzoSerwis is a company which was founded in 2007

Our company specializes in industrial insulations, especially in thermal insulation and antirust protection. We employ only qualified and experienced workers.


IzoServis provides its services in Poland and many different countries. Our offer involves specialized works in building, petrochemical, chemical, paper and food industry. Our services are of high quality, works are done on time, professionally and according to accepted technology.


IzoServis offer is directed to:


- Building industry

- Power industry

- Chemical industry

- Petrochemical industry

- Shipyard industry

- Metallurgical industry


Heat and cold insulation

Heat insulations:

Cold insulations

Pipelines, tanks, pillars, devices, electro-filters, absorbers, power boilers, exhaust fumes ducts, ventilating ducts, heat distribution networks and other in: chemical works, petroleum works, paper industry, power plants/stations, sugar works and others with:


  • mats, mineral-wool laggings and plates of different types
  • silicon-calcium products

Installations and systems, cooling chambers, devices, tanks, air conditioning systems and other in: chemical works, petroleum works, food industry etc.

Insulations are protected with protective coats: galvanized sheet, aluminium sheet, coated, plain and moulded.

Acoustic insulations

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning)

  • sound enclosures
  • acoustic insulation of devices
  • acoustic insulation of pipelines
  • acoustic insulation of ducts
  • inlet and exhaust silencers

According to client's wish we work with client's technical design or we plan our own technical design based on clieny's needs.

  • heat and cold insulation of: air conditioning, heating installation, cold water, usable hot water
  • fire protection of air conditioning
  • insulation of instalation systems in baffles



IzoSerwis Sp. z o. o.

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